Conscious Media Think Tank Waitlist


We are taking waitlist submissions for this and future think tanks.  If you would like to attend (or nominate someone to attend), please fill out the survey by clicking the “Waitlist” button.

Below is the criteria for attending. You will be asked about each of these areas in the survey.

In order to make this event possible, we have a few seats available for people/companies who donate financial support above a certain level and meet the criteria.  Click here for sponsorship details.

  1. Which Stakeholder Group do you most identify with: Education, Visionaries/Brands, Creators: Group 1, Development, Creators: Group 2; Marketing/PR, Distribution, and Research.
  2. In what way(s) do you/they have “Authority”, specifically how can you help to implement a vision without having to get permission from anyone not present?
  3. In what way(s) do you have “Resources”, specifically how you have time, financial resources, access, and/or influence?
  4. In what way(s) do you have “Expertise”, specifically how you have knowledge (social, economic, technical) about the Think Tank’s topic,  “Conscious Media – The Future of the Marketplace: Return on Insight, Inspiration and Investment.”
  5. In what way(s) do you have “Information”, specifically how you have information that others might need, e.g. you know the latest Cultural Creative marketing numbers or you know how the Faith-Based film market is thriving, etc.
  6. In what way(s) do you have “Need”, specifically how you or your business will be affected by the outcome of this Think Tank
  7. Where do you live?
  8. If you don’t live in the Los Angeles area, would you be willing to cover your own travel, lodging and transportation costs?

Please click the button below to fill out the form.
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