We wish we could invite everyone!  We know there are thousands of us who care about Conscious Media.  But rest assured the Conscious Media Think Tank is designed to create initiatives which will support our entire community.

What are the Eight Stakeholder Groups and Sub-Groups
  • Educators – Film Schools, Consciousness Schools, etc
  • Visionaries/Brands – Financing, Brands, Lawyer, etc
  • Creators: Concept Stage – Advertising Agencies, Writers, Executive Producers, etc
  • Creators: Production Stage – Actors, Directors, Producers, Line Producers, etc
  • Content Developers – Studios, Talent Agencies, Managers, Casting Directors, etc
  • Marketers/Public Relations – Press Platforms, Community/Spiritual Leaders, PR Departments, Social Media Platforms and/or Experts, etc
  • Distributors – Sales Agents, Producer’s Reps, Film Festivals, Studios, all Distribution Platforms, etc
  • Researchers/Partners – Research Organizations, Advocacy Groups, Faith-Based Market Experts, Surveyists/Anaylsts, Futurists, etc
Who is Attending?

The participants will include both men and women from studios, networks, distributors, agencies, universities, organizations and major brands as well as high-profile writers, directors and producers.

Each participant will have Authority, Resources, Expertise, Information and Need as it relates to the Conscious Media market.

Currently the list of participants and alternates are currently private.

I Would Love to Attend

We are taking waitlist submissions for this and future Think Tanks.  If you would like to attend (or nominate someone to attend), please click here.

Note: there is a criteria for attending.



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